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Pistol Shooting

Due to unnecessary damage caused in the indoor range by a small number of individuals, steps have been taken to put the indoor range under 24 hour surveillance. This action has been taken to protect your investment in this first-class range, and was authorized by the Executive Board.

B27 Targets are no longer allowed. They hang too low and create a ricochet problem.

Handguns used at the indoor range are restricted to standard target velocity handgun ammo only - and may be up to .45 caliber.

Please sign in on the log book every time you use the indoor range. We need this info to help us know when to change the air filters.

Note: the indoor range is closed every Sunday morning from 8AM until noon while meals are served in the room above. Please plan accordingly.

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Note: .22 long rifle ammunition may be fired from a rifle on the indoor range, but no other rifle or rifle ammunition can be used, regardless of what it is being fired from, and no rifles that fire handgun ammunition can be used.

  • Effective immediately: no novice instruction is permitted in the indoor range. This is due to the range layout being incompatible with the necessary close supervision required for safe instruction. Plan to use the outdoor High power range instead.
  • Pistols may be fired at both the outdoor 100-yard and indoor 50-foot ranges. Targets on the 100-yard outdoor range can be set at distances less than 100 yards; there are frame holders at designated distances.
  • The indoor pistol range may be closed periodically from time to time without notice, to clean the air filters or perform other maintenance or repairs. The people who do this, volunteer their time, so please be patient and offer to help, if you have the time.
  • Eye and ear protection MUST be worn at all times in the indoor range. Additional rules are posted in the range.
  • All shooters and guests MUST sign into the log book on the table.

Our club pistol team competes in the Twin County League - this consists of both Plymouth and Bristol Counties, and has more female shooters than any other team in the league.

Regularly Scheduled Pistol Events


Pistol League Matches - 7:00 PM to 10 PM.

In the Fall and Winter, the Hanson Rod and Gun Club Pistol Team shoots half the matches at home, and half away. During the home matches, range use is restricted to those competing. The indoor archery range is used as a staging area for the competing teams, so is not available during a match. Please feel free to come down and find out what pistol competition is all about. It is a friendly atmosphere and we welcome new participants.

Home match dates for the rest of 2009 are:

Sept 15
Oct 13
Oct 20
Nov 10
Nov 17
Nov 24
Dec 15

Home match dates for 2010 are:

Jan 5
Feb 2
Feb 9
Mar 2
Mar 9
March 16
April 6


Junior Rifle

Junior Rifle - this is open to the public for children ages 10 to 20. Cost for the evening is $3.00. This is shot in the indoor range from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM, so access for pistol shooting is restricted.


The Junior Rifle Team is practicing on Thursday nights from 6:00 until about 8:30PM. The kids are really shooting well this year, and the team is doing very well against teams with much more expensive equipment. Let's give them our support and encouragement!

3rd Saturday and 4th Monday of every month

Black Light Competition

The Black Light match occurs every third Saturday from 1 PM until approximately 4 PM, and every fourth Monday from 7 PM until 10 PM. Pre-qualifications are required for first time Black Light shooters. Pre-qualifications are held a half hour before match time: 12:30 PM for the Saturday match, and 6:30 PM for the Monday match. These matches are for centerfire handguns.

A box (50) of centerfire ammunition is required for the match, and you may need another box if you are qualifying.

There is a $3.00 entry fee that is put toward a 50:50 raffle. Each match consists of four rounds of 2 six round strings of fire at 6 targets at various distances. Scorable areas on the targets are defined by flourescent markings that are illuminated by black lights. All shooters are welcome!